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Club Penguin Rewritten Archives
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2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
January N/A New Year's Day New Year's Day New Year's Day N/A New Year's Day
Winter Fiesta Dance-A-Thon Festival of Lights
EPF & PSA Rebuild Winter Fiesta Pirate Party
Winter Party Fashion Show
February Beta Test Party 1st Anniversary Party 2nd Anniversary Party 3rd Anniversary Party 4th Anniversary Party 5th Anniversary Party
Dig Out the Dojo Penguin Play Awards Submarine Party
Puffle Party 50th Newspaper Event Underwater Expedition Puffle Party Save the Migrator Project Puffle Party
Mountain Expedition Waddle On Party
March Dojo Grand Re-Opening N/A St. Patrick's Parade St. Patrick's Day Party Noir Party St. Patrick's Day Party
St. Patrick's Day Party April Fools' Party 150th Newspaper Event
April Fools' Party Fashion Party Card-Jitsu Party
April Fools' Party
April 100K Penguin Celebration Earth Day Party Earth Day Party Easter Egg Hunt Easter Egg Hunt Spanish Servers Celebration
Easter Egg Hunt Easter Egg Hunt Earth Day Party
Earth Day Party Puffle Party Soccer Mommy Concert Hollywood Party
Recycle Hunt Penguin Play Awards
May Medieval Party Puffle Party Music Jam Summer Bash Mountain Expedition N/A
Battle of Doom Medieval Party Graduation Party
Cove Anniversary Party
June Instrument Hunt 101 Days of Fun Western Party Instrument Hunt Prehistoric Party
Music Jam Music Jam Island Adventure Party Music Jam
Color Vote Record Scavenger Hunt
July Water Party Island Adventure Party Earthquake Medieval Party N/A
August Festival of Flight Summer Luau Medieval Party Water Party Music Jam
Wilderness Expedition Summer Luau Pet Shop Rebuild
Stadium Games
September The Fair Penguin Games The Fair The Fair The Fair
The Fair
October 1M Players Celebration Event Island Eclipse Club Penguin 14th Anniversary Club Penguin 15th Anniversary Halloween Party
The Great Storm of 2017 Club Penguin 13th Anniversary Halloween Party Halloween Party Club Penguin 16th Anniversary
Club Penguin 12th Anniversary Halloween Party Candy Ghost Hunt
Halloween Party
November Operation: Blackout Sensei's Fire Scavenger Hunt Winter Party The Great Storm of 2020 Island Eclipse
Lighthouse Donation Festival of Lights
December Dig out the Island Celebration of Fire Coins for Change Coins for Change Holiday Party
Coins for Change Lighthouse Party
Christmas Party Coins for Change Holiday Party Holiday Party
Christmas Party