ID Official Title Igloo Music Title Related
1 King of Kingston Coffee Shop Coffee Shop
2 Communication Dance Mix 1
5 Crossing Over Dance Mix 2 Night Club
6 Boiler Room
7 Stealth Stealth PSA Headquarters
10 Sunshine Holiday Winter Luau
Sunshine Holiday
Winter Luau
11 Honolulu Honey Honolulu Honey Winter Luau
20 Charlie's Here Pizza Parlor Pizza Parlor
21 Dojo Dojo Dojo
22 Unknown The Volcano Fire Dojo
23 Elite Penguin Force EPF Command Room
24 The Way of Sensei The Way of Sensei Water Dojo
31 Flat Baroque Flat Baroque The Twelfth Fish
32 Epic For Great Justice Squidzoid vs Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal
33 Pep Rally Team Blue Rally Team Blue's Rally Debut
34 Egyptian Wrap Egyptian Wrap Quest for the Golden Puffle
Quest for the Golden Puffle
35 Pterodactyl Ptune Pterodactyl Ptune The Penguins That Time Forgot
36 Pep Rally Rock Team Blue 2 Puffle Party
37 Noir Noises Noir Noises Ruby and the Ruby
38 Unknown Planet Y Space Adventure Planet Y
39 Twice Upon a Time Twice Upon a Time Fairy Fables
40 Penguin Play Awards Penguin Play Awards Penguin Play Awards
41 Unknown Viking Opera The Haunting of the Viking Opera
42 Unknown Norman Swarm Norman Swarm Has Been Transformed
101 Organic Journey Bean Counters
102 Renewed Puffle Roundup
103 Paris St. German Ice Fishing
104 Unknown
105 Mega Wave Cart Surfer
106 Pizza Pizzatron 3000
110 Time Travelers Jet Pack Adventure
111 Thin Ice Thin Ice
113 Catchin' Waves Catchin' Waves
114 Deep Reef Aqua Grabber
115 Reef Aqua Grabber
116 Card-Jitsu Ninja Training Card-Jitsu
117 Sled Racing Sled Racing Sled Racing
118 Unknown Card-Jitsu Fire Card-Jitsu Fire
119 Unknown Puffle Rescue
120 Unknown Puffle Rescue
121 Unknown Underwater Rescue Puffle Rescue
122 Unknown Puffle Launch
123 Unknown Puffle Launch
124 Unknown Puffle Launch
125 Unknown Battle of Doom
200 Jingle Bells Jingle Bells Christmas Party
201 Sparky's New Bike Sparky's New Bike April Fools
202 Gravitron
204 Unknown Guadeloupe Beach Water Party
205 Seek and Hide Seek and Hide Halloween Party
206 S Rumba S Rumba Winter Fiesta
207 Rainy Day Ska
208 Dance Ye Merry Dance Ye Merry St. Patrick's Day
209 C' est Chaud Folk Guitar
210 Driving Guitar Driving Guitar
211 Maybe Baby
212 Ocean Voyage Ocean Voyage
213 Event Prep Event Prep Penguin Games
214 Wave Rider Cool Surf
215 Coconut
216 Summer Song Cove
217 Water Kongo Water Kongo Water Party
218 Ska Mad Ska Mad Water Party
219 Campy's Camp
220 Campfire
221 Carnival Carnival The Fair
222 Carnie Carnie The Fair
223 Haunted Disco Haunted Disco Halloween Party
224 Halloween Disco Halloween Disco Halloween Party
226 Holiday Celebration DJ Christmas Christmas Party
227 Xmas Snowy Holidays Christmas Party
228 Here We Go
229 Spicy Salsa Spicy Salsa Winter Fiesta
230 Air Bubble Boogie Air Bubble Boogie
231 8bit 8-bit April Fools
232 Fool Fool
Silly to Funky
April Fools
233 Medieval 1 Medieval Town Medieval Party
234 Medieval 2 The Royal Court Medieval Party
235 Medieval 3 In The Tower Medieval Party
236 Medieval 4 To Battle! Medieval Party
237 Wind Medieval Party
239 Caribbean Jam
240 Stadium Penguin Games
241 Vegas Vegas Music Jam
242 DJ3K Mix DJ3K Mix DJ3K
243 Pop Song Pop Song Music Jam
244 Flipper Stomper Music Jam
245 Orca Orca Music Jam
246 Go West Music Jam
247 Xylo Xylo
248 Pop Penguin Games Penguin Games
249 Rave Wave Rave Wave Club Penguin Rewritten 1st Anniversary Party
250 Celebration Celebration Club Penguin Rewritten 1st Anniversary Party
251 Lurking in the Shadows Lurking in the Shadows Halloween Party
252 It's Behind You! It's Behind You! Halloween Party
253 Phantasmagoria Phantasmagoria Halloween Party
254 Santa's Mix Santa's Mix Christmas Party
255 Deck The Halls Deck The Halls Christmas Party
256 Icy Serenade Icy Serenade Christmas Party
257 Epic Win Epic Win Dance Contest
258 Penguin Band Boogie Penguin Band Boogie Dance Contest
259 Puffle Party Puffle Party
260 O'Berry Jazz Puffle Party
261 Puffle Ragtime Puffle Ragtime Puffle Party
262 Flipper Jig Dance Contest
263 Flipper Jig Flipper Jig
264 Box Dimension Box Dimension Box Dimension
265 Walk Among The Roses Walk Among the Roses Medieval Party
266 Knight's Quest Medieval Party
267 Jungle Jangles Jungle Jangles Island Adventure Party: Rockhopper's Quest
268 Unknown
269 Jungle Dance Jungle Dance Island Adventure Party: Rockhopper's Quest
270 Extra Anchovies Exrta Achovies
271 Ambient Riffing Rocking Pizza Music Jam
272 All-Access Pass
275 Waddle Wave Keytar Jam Music Jam
276 Backbeat Jammin' Music Jam
277 Float In The Clouds
278 Cumulonimbus Cumulonimbus
279 Zero Gravity Zero Gravity
280 Sled Racing Sled Racing
281 Santa's Sled Santa's Sled Christmas Party
282 Puffle Party Puffle Party
283 Anchovy Jazz Anchovy Jazz Penguin Play Awards
284 Recyclotron
285 Recyclotron Recycling Plant
286 Beware The Dragon!
287 Unknown
288 Battle! Battle!
289 Cannon Fire Cannon Fire
290 Unknown
291 Island Adventure Island Adventure Island Adventure Party: Rockhopper's Quest
292 Casa Fiesta
293 Unknown
294 Unknown
295 Unknown
296 You Rock! You Rock!
297 The Ringmaster The Ringmaster The Fair
298 Cave of Creeps and Clarinets Monster Masquerade Halloween Party
299 Spookiest Swamp Halloween Party
300 Unknown Halloween Party
301 Master of the Elements
302 Unknown
303 Unknown
304 Unknown
305 Brown Puffle Lab
306 Unknown
307 Box Dimension 5 Stairs April Fools
308 Unknown
309 Unknown
310 Unknown
312 Unknown
313 Unknown November in Okinawa
314 Unknown Okunai
315 A Little Holiday Magic
316 Bubbling Brook Bubbling Brook
317 Unknown Deep Blue
318 Unknown Waddle On Party
319 Unknown Island Adventure Party: Rockhopper's Quest
320 Unknown Island Adventure Party: Rockhopper's Quest
321 Superstar
322 Unknown
323 Scorn Theme
325 Unknown
326 City of Heroes
327 Unknown
328 Future Odyssey
329 Unknown
330 Unknown
332 Unknown
333 Unknown
334 Unknown
335 Unknown
336 Unknown
337 Unknown
339 Unknown Dare to Enter the Mansion?
342 Operation: Blackout Operation: Blackout
343 Elite Penguin Force Resistance
344 Charlie's Here Pizza Parlor
369 Unknown Ski Lodge
370 Unknown Lodge Attic
383 Unknown Plaza
400 Christmas Jam Christmas Jam Christmas Party
401 Beach Mix Beach Mix
402 Hard Rock Hard Rock
403 Unknown Dojo
404 Unknown Dojo Courtyard
435 I've Been Delayed
491 Unknown
492 Unknown
494 Unknown Medieval Party
497 Dance Club Club Penguin 12th Anniversary Party
510 Ghosts Just Wanna Dance Ghosts Just Wanna Dance
513 Night of the Living Sled Night of the Living Sled: Live
517 Stand and Defend Stand and Defend Operation: Blackout
518 Operation: Blackout Operation: Blackout Operation: Blackout
519 EPF Resistance EPF Resistance Operation: Blackout
520 The Command Room The Command Room
532 Unknown Cave Mine
538 Holiday Medley Holiday Medley Christmas Party
580 Unknown Mine Shack
581 Unknown Town
582 Unknown Beach
583 Unknown Beacon
584 Unknown Iceberg
586 Unknown Forest
587 Unknown Snow Forts
588 Unknown Lighthouse
589 Unknown Ski Lodge
590 Unknown Ski Hill
591 Unknown Ski Village
592 Unknown Ice Rink
611 Unknown Dock
705 Unknown Waddle On Party
763 It's Your Birthday, Birthday (Instrumental) Club Penguin 12th Anniversary Party
781 Haunted Disco
901 Herbert Style Club Penguin 13th Anniversary Party
1058 Unknown Recon Room
1157 Coins for Change 2018
1162 I've Been Delayed (Instrumental) Waddle On Party
1169 Unknown Waddle On Party
1175 Ghoul Dance Ghoul Dance Halloween Party
1176 Unknown Halloween Party
3337 Unknown Cart Surfer Hardcore
9000 The Party Starts Now New Year's Day 2018


File name Related
DragonAmbience Earthquake 2019
PizzaCoffeeAmbience Earthquake 2019
TownSirens Earthquake 2019


File name Related
242 Music Jam 2019
249 Music Jam 2019
258 Music Jam 2019
271 Music Jam 2019
272 Music Jam 2019
293 Music Jam 2019
321 Music Jam 2019
337 Music Jam 2019
AMB_Halloween_Mtn Halloween Party 2019
MusicJam_Beach_PopSong Music Jam 2019
MusicJam_CoffeeShop_Vegas Music Jam 2019
MusicJam_Cove_Rocksteady Music Jam 2019
MusicJam_Dock_YouRock Music Jam 2019
MusicJam_Forest_GoWest Music Jam 2019
MUS_Anniversary14_AmbientRiffing_CoffeeShop Club Penguin 14th Anniversary Party
MUS_Anniversary_CoffeeAndBook_ItsYourBirthdayInstAmb 3rd Anniversary Party
MUS_Anniversary_NightClub_EpicWin 3rd Anniversary Party
MUS_Anniversary_Town_GonnaBeEpicInst 3rd Anniversary Party
MUS_Evergreen_CharliesHere_PizzaParlourAmb Pizza Parlor
MUS_Evergreen_CoffeeShop Coffee Shop, Book Room
MUS_Evergreen_CrossingOver_NightClub Night Club
MUS_Evergreen_Fashion_GiftShopAmb Gift Shop
MUS_Evergreen_KingofKingston_CoffeeShop Coffee Shop, Book Room
MUS_Evergreen_KingofKingston_CoffeeShopAmb Coffee Shop, Book Room
MUS_Evergreen_SparkysNewBike_TownAmb Town
MUS_FOL_Evening_Nimbus Festival of Lights
MUS_FOL_Night_Wonder Festival of Lights
MUS_FOL_Night_Wonder_Inside Festival of Lights
MUS_Halloween_GhoulDisco_Main Halloween Party 2019
MUS_Halloween_HauntedDisco_NightClub Halloween Party 2019
MUS_Halloween_ItsBehindYou_CoveAmb Halloween Party 2019
MUS_Halloween_ItsBehindYou_Main Halloween Party 2019
MUS_Halloween_LurkingInShadows_BeachAmb Halloween Party 2019
MUS_Halloween_LurkingInShadows_MainAmb Halloween Party 2019
MUS_Halloween_MonsterMasquerade_Party5 Halloween Party 2019
MUS_Halloween_NightOfLivingSled_Evergreen Night of the Living Sled: Live, Halloween Party 2019
MUS_Halloween_Phantasmagoria_PizzaParlour Halloween Party 2019
MUS_Halloween_Phantasmagoria_SecretLab Halloween Party 2019
MUS_Halloween_TurnBackNowAmb_Forest Halloween Party 2019
MUS_HolidayParty_FestiveCheer_Forest Holiday Party 2019
MUS_Holiday_ALittleHolidayMagic Holiday Party 2019
MUS_Holiday_CarolOfTheBubbles Holiday Party 2019
MUS_Holiday_DJChristmas New Year's Day 2020
MUS_Holiday_HolidayJingle Holiday Party 2019
MUS_Holiday_HolidayMedley Holiday Party 2019
MUS_Holiday_SantasMix Holiday Party 2019
MUS_Holiday_SantasSleigh Holiday Party 2019
MUS_Igloo_IcyGroove Igloo Music
MUS_Magical_Dragon_Battle Medieval Party 2019
MUS_Medieval_MainTheme Medieval Party 2019
MUS_PuffleParty_IntoTheBoxDimension Puffle Party 2020
MUS_PuffleParty_IslandAdventureAmb Puffle Party 2020
MUS_PuffleParty_PepRallyRock Puffle Party 2020
MUS_PuffleParty_PopSong Puffle Party 2020
MUS_PuffleParty_PuffleParty Igloo Music, Puffle Party 2020
MUS_PuffleParty_PufflePartySub Puffle Party 2020
MUS_PuffleParty_PuffleRagtime Puffle Party 2020
MUS_PuffleParty_SummerSong Puffle Party 2020
MUS_TheFair_BumperCarsAmb_Party4 The Fair 2019
MUS_TheFair_CandyCaneMarch_Cave The Fair 2019
MUS_TheFair_CarnivalFun The Fair 2019
MUS_TheFair_DesertRoads The Fair 2019
MUS_TheFair_FallFair The Fair 2019
MUS_TheFair_TheRingmasterAmb_BeachDock The Fair 2019
MUS_TheFair_TheRingmasterAmb_Forest The Fair 2019
MUS_TheFair_TheRIngmasterAmb_Main The Fair 2019
MUS_TheFair_TheWheelersAmb_LightMine The Fair 2019
MUS_TheFair_PopSong_NightClub The Fair 2019
MUS_WinterParty_CoolInTheCold_NightClub Winter Party 2019
MUS_WinterParty_IceSculpturing_SeasideAmb Winter Party 2019
MUS_WinterParty_IceSculpturing_TownAndPlazaAmb Winter Party 2019
MUS_WinterParty_IceSculpturing_VillageAndMtnAmb Winter Party 2019
MUS_WinterParty_IcyGroove_FortsAmb.mp3 Winter Party 2019
MUS_Wonder_of_the_Catacombs Medieval Party 2019
MUS_Wonder_of_the_Catacombs_Interior Medieval Party 2019
MUS_Wonder_of_the_Catacombs_Interior_Alternate Medieval Party 2019
NightClub_Earthquake Earthquake 2019
tpsn Music Jam 2019
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