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Club Penguin Rewritten Archives

List of Mascots


Name Clothing Stamp Player Card Backgrounds
Aunt Arctic Hat, Glasses 33 Aunt Arctic's Autograph, Aunt Arctic Awards Giveaway, Aunt Arctic Giveaway, Aunt Arctic's Holiday Giveaway
Cadence Hair, Scarf, Shoes, Wristbands, Boombox 31 Cadence's Autograph, Cadence Background, Cadence's Neon Giveaway
DJ Maxx Headphones 599 15603, 15604, 15605, 6980, 10199 DJ Maxx Background, DJ Maxx's Halloween Giveaway, DJ Maxx's Fiesta Giveaway, DJ Maxx's Stage Giveaway, DJ Maxx's Haunted Giveaway
Dot Outfit 4678 102011, 34268 Dot Blackout Giveaway, Dot's Giveaway
Gary Glasses, Coat, Player Card Oct 2019 8 2087, 24219 Gary Background, Gary Medieval Giveaway, New Gary Giveaway, Gary's Giveaway, Gary's Mad Scientist Giveaway, Gary's Graveyard Giveaway
Herbert P. Bear Eyebrows, Sprite 466 Herbert's Giveaway Background
Jet Pack Guy Earpiece, Sunglasses, Jet Pack, Tie, Suit 600 1031 (normal),
1031 (blackout), 1001031
Jet Pack Guy Background, Jet Pack Guy's Blackout Giveaway, Jet Pack Guy's Giveaway, Jet Pack Guy's Eclipse Giveaway
Klutzy Sprite 472 111199 Klutzy's Giveaway
PH Hat/Hair, Outfit 448 PH Giveaway Background, PH's Puffle Party Giveaway
Rockhopper Hat, Eyebrows, Beard, Yarr, Santa Hat, Hat Aug 2012, Belt, Holiday Playercard 2019, Santa Hat Yarr 7 442, 442005, 1521, 1476, 4712, 5417, 34264 Rockhopper Background (ID 959), Rockhopper's Christmas Giveaway, Rockhopper Background (ID 9019), Rockhopper's Island Adventure Giveaway, Rockhopper's Fair Giveaway, Rockhopper Background (ID 9075), Rockhopper's Tropical Background, Rockhopper's Holiday Giveaway
Rookie Hat, Sunglasses, Shirt 358 Rookie's Giveaway, Rookie Anvil BG, Rookie's Cream Soda Giveaway, Rookie's Whacky Giveaway
Rory Goggles 601 12570, 15601, 15603, 15600 Rory's Giveaway (ID 325501), Rory's Giveaway (ID 3131)
Sensei Hat, Hat (ID 1070), Sensei's Puffle, Beard, Fire Suit 290 Sensei's Autograph, Sensei's Fire Giveaway, Sensei's Elemental Giveaway
Shellbeard Sprite ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, JSON ) 4679 Player Card Shellbeard's Giveaway

Penguin Band

Name Clothing Stamp Player Card Backgrounds
Franky Cowboy Hat, Guitar, Red Sneakers 32 1000 Band Autograph, Penguin Band Awards Giveaway, Penguin Band Stage Giveaway
G Billy Cowboy Hat, Silver Drumsticks 34
Petey K Cowboy Hat, Accordion, Sunglasses 35
Stompin' Bob Cowboy Hat, Bass Guitar 36

Soccer Mommy

Name Clothing Player Card
Sophie Outfit 111185
Julian Outfit 111184 (old),
111184 (new)
Rollum Outfit 111187 (old),
111187 (new)
Graeme Outfit 111186
Rodrigo Outfit 111183 (old),
111183 (new)